Saturday, August 6, 2011

EDLD 5301 Week 4 Reflections

During this week, we had the opportunity to read other colleague’s Action Plans.  While it was both informative, it was a time for us to choose to read deeply and assist aother colleagues in their plan.  I found I was at times hesitant to recommend or question someone’s plan.  Then, at other times, it was not difficult. 
While reflecting on the process, I discovered my own insecurities in my attempting to carrying out my plan.  The feedback was slow at first, but after a few days, we all started to send emails inviting others to read our blogs.  It was at this time, I became motivated to check and see what others commented on my blog and on others.  This week, I realized we were growing into a collaborative group of learners and that we would become stronger as we journeyed through this next year of action research.  I am so fortunate to have such GREAT fellow educators in this class and journey with me.  I do hope some day I will be able to meet them in person.
Allison’s words of encouragement affirmed my thoughts of the plan.  I know they were detailed but it was good to see that the information was considered by others as having the ability to “see each  step”.  I was glad she saw some duplications in my action plan.  I looked as those entries and several times when creating the document and never saw the duplication.  I appreciate Allison taking the time to read carefully and show me those entries.  I have deleted the duplications with her recommendations.
Nancy made the following recommendations of which I explored the other survey option.  At this moment I have not made a decision on which site I will use.  I did like the example of a student’s survey on Nancy’s site.  This gave me valuable information as I prepare my surveys.

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