Wednesday, January 25, 2012

EDLD 5366 Digital Graphics and Web Design

Week One Assignment 1.2

My first impression of Bible from Ethiopia was one of a since of simplistic order.  The text uses a uniformed font that is reflective of Ethiopia.  The ancient manuscript reflects the type of design and illustration one might expect to see.  The religious figures are represented with a glowing crown around their heads except for one figure of a woman.  This figure is repeated on several pages and on all pages she doesn’t reflect a glowing crown around her head.  The illustrations around the text remain consistent within each page.  The color palette contains bold, primary colors of blues, reds, greens, and yellows.  The bright color palette reflects the life of the Ethiopian village in relationship to the earth and religious practices.  

The artwork utilizes detail patterns in the borders that remain consistent on both corresponding pages.  The faces of the people are elongated to represent the physical characteristics of Ethiopians and compared to other African nations.  There is repetition in what appears to be a Celtic type knot.  This is seen on almost every page either in whole or part. 

The contrast is provided in the use of red and black font.  All characters related to each other are within proximity of each other.  Angels are viewed with closeness and a separation from the earthly people.  The pictures are uniformed throughout with the repetition of color and proximity of each other. 

The picture of the twelve disciples displays all elements of the design.  You see the contrast between each disciple in their clothing, hair, and facial expressions.  With a closer examination, one can see the contrast of the hand placement on each disciple on the bottom row.  The third disciple seems to be pointing to the disciple on his left.  Repetition is reflected with the glowing crown around each disciple and with all eyes looking to the left.  The disciples are aligned both vertically and horizontally which reflects a feeling of unity.  Their proximity of closeness portrays the thought of closeness and unity after the death of Christ. 

Traveling to Uganda each summer to volunteer has created an awareness of the spiritual aspect of African art.  This website allowed me to explore closely manuscripts that are unreachable.  What a special gift to have discovered.  I look forward to returning to examine further manuscripts. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PSA Cyberbullying

EDLD 5363 Group Project:  Public Service Annoucement (PSA)


EDLD 5363 Week 5 Web Conference Reflection

I have learned more in this past five weeks  through this multimedia class than I ever thought was possible.   The collaborative effort of my group was outstanding.  We were able to “go with it” as  Randy Nelson said in the video we watched this week.  The class was created with a scaffolding approach to learning.  Each week laid the foundation for the upcoming weeks.  Dr. Abernathy provided us with the global look at the entire course from the beginning.  She encouraged us to not fret over the group project but to “go with it” and each week would see how we would be acquiring the necessary skills to complete the course.  Several times throughout the course we had glitches in the EPIC course instructions.  Not to worry, we were told to complete the assignment and everyone would receive credit.  After the week of Thanksgiving, I was a little disappointed that I would not receive feedback and a specific grade for my pod cast.  I truly wanted to know how I did  and if I created the product that was requested.  I learned how important it is to provide timely feedback to students.  I also learned that when we set out on a project, we should not change it in midstream.  Every time this would happen during this course, I would get a little frustrated.  I would have to tell my self, “go with it”. 

The group project was one that I was hesitant to tackle.  As soon as we were informed of having a partner assignment and then a group assignment, I reached out to one of my classmates that I had been communicating and collaborating with this semester.  Since Lauren was in Connecticut, I was not sure how we would be able to work as a team or a group.  Next we added two other partners, Laura and Allison,  from east Texas.  The four of us truly changed my mind about distant collaborative projects.  If we were able to collaborate on this project, how much easier will it be to collaborate on a project within the same room.  Personally, I think we created a stellar PSA and cannot wait to share it with everyone. 

As soon as we began the third week, one of our members took the lead and initiated the conversation of the project.  We all agreed that our topic should be technology related since we were all in the EdTech Masters program.  With that said, Lauren generated and the idea of cyber bullying.  We all agreed and Lauren took the lead by writing the script and the scene schedule.  Each of us claimed a task and began the process.  Everyone was professional and thorough with their assignments.   All of us were eager to assist each other and to volunteer for tasks as they appeared. 

Dr. Abernathy went above and beyond her responsibilities as a professor.  She added additional web conferences, provided us with her personal email and cell phone numbers.   During the web conferences, she allowed each of us to ask questions about the assignments and about software issues.  She encouraged us to answer other student’s questions if we knew the answers because we were all learning.  I was glad that she encouraged us to use the free software that is available and she shared how she goes for the free software whenever it is possible.  She allowed us to modify the assignment and use other software we found during our research if we wanted to.   

This class taught me that I can personally learn new multimedia editing software if I take my time, put forth the effort and ask questions or watch the tutorials when provided.  I also learned that a collaborative process is similar to improve according to Randy Nelson.  You must accept every offer and go with it or it becomes a dead end.  Our PSA on cyber bullying is an example of how four people in four different locations in the United States can collaboratively create an exceptional product.  I am proud to have been in a group with Lauren, Laura, and Allison.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

5363 EDLD Week 4 Web Conference

5363 Week 4 Web Conference Reflections

December 5, 2011 was my fourth web conference for this class.  I must say, I enjoy the web conferences much more than I have with the other classes.  It seems we are more focused on the class assignment and curriculum than on information about the administrator’s test.  I am sure I will be as interested as the others have been when it is my time to take the exam.  This week we learned we should have included our blog and wiki posting on Week 3 assignment.  It’s not too late to email it to Dr. Abernathy with your Instructional Asst. name.  She will get it to them.  I only wished it had been in the overview and the assignment.  At times, I feel we find out things after the fact.  The Overview and the Assignment were different for Week 2 and there seemed to be a lot of controversy.  I will say, I have found irregularities in every class I have taken.  We should all do a better job at proofing, myself included. 

This week, Week 4 there are no discussion board postings!  Just production of the PSA!  Next week it should all be put together with narration and audio and then music with the title, closing credits, etc....

Also, we have to post either 2 or 3 web conference reflections.  She said she would take either.  I love the flexibility Dr. Abernathy has.  Learning is the main focus.  She is always available for her students to email or call her.  She is also  extremely supportive in teaching us new aspects of technology. 

We discussed the outside supervisors....Some people like me have one, some have two and one person has three.....Dr. A said we only need one....and we must meet with them 3 times.  That is all.

Carol Evans shared a free music site and all we have to do is credit the website at the end of the PSA if we use something from there.  I explored it and it is awesome.  So many ways you can search for music:  by topic, mood, title, theme, etc… 

Tonight’s web conference ended too soon!  We are learning so much!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

EDLD 5363 Week Three Reflection

This week I was able to attend a couple of web conferences with Dr. Abernathy.  They were excellent in clarifying the assignment and helping students with questions regarding to software requirements.  Our group started out of the gate immediately, thanks to Lauren.  She took the lead and established the dialogue, we choose assignments.  Even though the four of us have not met face to face, we feel very comfortable working together.  During the beginning of this course, Lauren and I became partners and then added Allison and Laura for our PSA project.  When Lauren presented the topic of Cyberbullying, I was in total agreement because I was just reading an article about cyberbullying and contemplated this idea for our group.  This project will take place over the next three weeks and I liked this week’s assignment.  It is the pre-production process.  It reminds me of teaching writing when I would tell my students that the preplanning stage is the most important stage in writing.  Spend time here and the rest is a piece of cake.  You fine tune the product.  I feel that the work that has been done this week in the preproduction assignment will be the same.  Dr. Abernathy is so reachable and has made it known that we are to contact her and not struggle through this class.  That is very comforting.  I am also thankful for my group and their willingness to collaborate together.  I can’t wait to see the final project!  This coming week, I will begin to tape the audio so that it will be ready for the video. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

EDLD 5363 Week Two Assignment

This week has been the most stressful week in a long time.  To begin with, we had a video editing project that seemed a little intimidating to begin with.  The day we started the project, I twisted my left knee and could not straighten my left leg.  After several days of pain, an xray, and MRI we are waiting for the results to confirm a torn meniscus.  Then family from both sides arrived for 5 days of Thanksgiving Festivities and the last A&M and Texas football game on Thanksgiving.  (Of which I had to stay behind) 
I explored several different video editing software programs and decided to use Adobe Premiere Elements for my project.  Once I created a video to edit, I began learning the software. 
Next, I downloaded Jing to use as an extension.  This extension allowed me to video my screeen and tape my audio at the same time.  After several days of frustration, I finally created my podcast. Because I downloaded the free version of Jing, I could not get it to post on any free web hosting sites.  I explored the conversion process and after converting it from a SWF file to a MP4 file, the video was not what I wanted.  So, back to the production.  I then purchased the Jing software to be able to create it in MP4 file as soon as it is made.  After this, it was easy to download it to several differnet sites.  I loaded it to You Tube, Teacher Tube, and Podomatic for this assignment. 
I learned a lot this week in the area of patience with learning a new program and having a house full of guest and  a bummed knee. 
Life is good!  I am  now finished and ready to enjoy my Sunday evening.