Thursday, July 21, 2011

5301 Week Two Reflection

During this week's assignment, we looked deeper into our proposed action research topic. There are so many topics that run through my head I would like to explore, but I am hoping one of my classmates will be research the topic or similar topics so I will benefit from their research.
The reason I chose the iPod Touch research was to get those instruments into the hands of the students and to study other schools that have implemented similar projects with the iPod Touches. If we can raise the scores by 10% for our special education students in co-teach classrooms, it will be worth it. Also, if we can increase our special education student's participation by 10% or more, it will be worth it.
I am looking forward to reading and inquiring about this topic as I make my way to the next step in this process.


  1. I love your research project! I have been looking in to getting an IPAD for my students with autism to use to communicate. I already have one who uses iPOD touch to listen to music during vocational activities. With it, he can listen to music and work and it keeps his behavioral problems to a minimum. We have so much technology in Life Skills but most is nothing similar to what you see in the "real world." I'd love to see our students use what general education students use but in a way more suitable to them. Good luck with your research!

  2. I am very interested in your research project as well and my topic is also using iTouch devices in the classroom. My school purchased these devices last year and I want to use them as much as possible and I know my principal wants to see them being used. I will be following your progress. Good luck with your research!

  3. Hi Mary,

    i want to commend you and your family on the mission work that you have done. My mother-in-law went to Africa last summer on a medical mission and had a wonder time. I am also interested in your research project also and I have thought about getting an Ipod for myself. I believe technology is the key to success and now that we have technology it will just keep getting bigger and stronger. Good luck with your project.