Sunday, July 17, 2011

EDLD 5301 Research Week One Reflection

During this week's assignments, we examined action research and inquiry. This process of examining critical questions one has in regards to improving a situation is quite different from the traditional research I was taught 35 years ago. Action research poses a question and allows you to inquire in literature, surveys, and interviews the data available on the topic. Time for reflection is included as you look at the data in light of your own question as your move toward action. I realized I do this all the time when I am working with school districts in my consulting company. We meet together and discuss their campus and the issues of concern. I usually pose the question, research, and bring a solution. I have learned that it is more empowering to collaborate with the those involved and collectively we should be researching the data. Together we should look at the information discovered and make decisions that will empower the campus. I look forward to implementing this process with one of my elementary campuses in Mississippi this year.

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