Sunday, November 20, 2011

EDLD 5363

Week One Reflections:
At the beginning of this week, I felt a little overwhelmed.  I could not get the Story Telling Cookbook to download, I was in a hotel with terrible internet connection, I could not understand have the web conference, and I was scared to death about making a digital story. 
Once at home, I was able to download the cookbook, thanks to Creighton Gann, and I was off to read about this digital story I was to produce. 
My partner and I SKYPED on Tuesday night to discuss each other's story.  We used Google Docs and send each other our transcript.  Using different colors, we were able to comment and make suggestions.  This was the first time for both of us to use Google Docs in this way.  I am looking forword to using it in future collaborative projects. 
I decided to tell my adventure story about teaching in Uganda.  This is a passion my husband and I both share.  Together we travel with a group to Uganda each summer to teach students and model for teachers best practices.  I am not sure who receives the greatest blessing, us or them.
I am glad this week has come to an end and looking forward to what next week's assignments will bring.  Until then...

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