Sunday, November 27, 2011

EDLD 5363 Week Two Assignment

This week has been the most stressful week in a long time.  To begin with, we had a video editing project that seemed a little intimidating to begin with.  The day we started the project, I twisted my left knee and could not straighten my left leg.  After several days of pain, an xray, and MRI we are waiting for the results to confirm a torn meniscus.  Then family from both sides arrived for 5 days of Thanksgiving Festivities and the last A&M and Texas football game on Thanksgiving.  (Of which I had to stay behind) 
I explored several different video editing software programs and decided to use Adobe Premiere Elements for my project.  Once I created a video to edit, I began learning the software. 
Next, I downloaded Jing to use as an extension.  This extension allowed me to video my screeen and tape my audio at the same time.  After several days of frustration, I finally created my podcast. Because I downloaded the free version of Jing, I could not get it to post on any free web hosting sites.  I explored the conversion process and after converting it from a SWF file to a MP4 file, the video was not what I wanted.  So, back to the production.  I then purchased the Jing software to be able to create it in MP4 file as soon as it is made.  After this, it was easy to download it to several differnet sites.  I loaded it to You Tube, Teacher Tube, and Podomatic for this assignment. 
I learned a lot this week in the area of patience with learning a new program and having a house full of guest and  a bummed knee. 
Life is good!  I am  now finished and ready to enjoy my Sunday evening.

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