Saturday, December 3, 2011

EDLD 5363 Week Three Reflection

This week I was able to attend a couple of web conferences with Dr. Abernathy.  They were excellent in clarifying the assignment and helping students with questions regarding to software requirements.  Our group started out of the gate immediately, thanks to Lauren.  She took the lead and established the dialogue, we choose assignments.  Even though the four of us have not met face to face, we feel very comfortable working together.  During the beginning of this course, Lauren and I became partners and then added Allison and Laura for our PSA project.  When Lauren presented the topic of Cyberbullying, I was in total agreement because I was just reading an article about cyberbullying and contemplated this idea for our group.  This project will take place over the next three weeks and I liked this week’s assignment.  It is the pre-production process.  It reminds me of teaching writing when I would tell my students that the preplanning stage is the most important stage in writing.  Spend time here and the rest is a piece of cake.  You fine tune the product.  I feel that the work that has been done this week in the preproduction assignment will be the same.  Dr. Abernathy is so reachable and has made it known that we are to contact her and not struggle through this class.  That is very comforting.  I am also thankful for my group and their willingness to collaborate together.  I can’t wait to see the final project!  This coming week, I will begin to tape the audio so that it will be ready for the video. 

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