Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 5 Web Conference

Last night I was able to participate in a web conference for my class. I was not able to participate in a web conference since the first week due to prior web conferences. This conference was so much better than the first one and I fully saw the benefit of attending the web conference for the class.
I wish the web conference was held on the first day of the course instead of the fourth day. The discussions about the assignments would have benefited me on Monday not Thursday night because most of us started the assignment on Monday/Tuesday. Having the web conference at the start of the week would have steered us in a strong direction and would have given us the extra days to work on the assignments. Today, many of my colleagues will be working on their assignments with only 2 maybe 3 days left in the week.
This week I also felt a connection with my cohorts. The first web conference we did not know each other, but this conference we were even able to support one another, have private conversations during the web conference, and truly connect. I am looking forward to hte next 16 months and developing some new relationships!

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