Sunday, June 5, 2011

"E-Rate Powerpoint

EDLD 5306 Cohort 21

Week 2 Assignment, Part 4: Creating and Posting a Slide Presentation

This week my task was to learn how to post a slide presentation to this blog, using one of the sources available to us: authorSTREAM and slideshare. Both I am familiar with in reading but not in posting. What an experience the past 24 hours have been, somewhat frustrating, to say the least. I have emailed my cohorts and one has given me a tip, I am going to try it. Here goes nothing!

Welcome to E Rate
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Lisa you are a genius!! I works. I learned something very valuable today that actually goes with everything we have been reading this week. Collaboration! We as teachers need to reach out to one another and collaborate. Together we can teach each other everything we need to learn about implementing technology into the classroom. Just as we want our students to collaborate, we must be willing to do this with each other and with our students.
Thank you classmates for all your input, and thank you Lisa, especially.

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