Friday, June 3, 2011

EDLD Blog Posting #3 National Educational Technology Plan

National Educational Technology Plan consists of seven goals.

1. Strengthen Leadership goals include strengthening leaders at every level-school, district, and state to lead with informed, creative, and transformative leadership for systemic changes all around.
2. Consider Innovative Budgeting includes the ability to carry funds over yearly budget cycles, to lease with 3-5 year refresh cycles, to reallocate expenditures to provide the necessary monies.
3. Improve Teacher Training so that there will be sufficient training to make significant impacts on learning in the classrooms.
4. Support E-Learning and Virtual Schools will now be as common as the brick and mortar schools on the corner. This will enable students of all levels to receive high school diplomas and it will provide educators the ability to participate in e-learning classes.
5. Encourage Broadband Access 24/7/365. By doing this, we will enable teachers and students to reach their full potential in technology.
6. Move Toward Digital Content and away from expensive, outdated before they are in the hands of students, textbooks. The digital content will provide many advantages which will include costsatins, efficiency, accessibility and enhanced learning opportunities for our students.
7. Integrate Data Systems so that educators will be able to transform teaching and individualize instruction based on data. Using the assessment data will result in competent informed decisions and differentiated instruction for every child in the school system.

Education continues to play catch up while the business and industry world continues to exceed the school. We must change if our students are to be competitive in the 21st century work force.
If we are going to prepare our students for the work force, these changes must be made.

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